Welcome to Devon Witchcraft Training

We are a well-established Wiccan training group for seekers who are interested in Initiatory Witchcraft. We practice both Gardnerian and Alexandrian witchcraft as our coven leaders are initiated in both traditions. We are looking to bring seekers into our training circle, with a view to eventual initiation. Our coven runs out of East Devon and West Dorset.

If you are open, curious, willing to learn and occasionally step out of your comfort zone in order to develop, then we would love to hear from you.

The next training group begins in January 2021 and in keeping with tradition our Craft training is offered Free of Charge. Satisfactory completion of the training may lead to initiation into the mysteries for those compatible with our coven.

As well as the formal training we also organise the occasional social event.

How to join the training group

If you are interested in joining the training group and are over 21 years of age please contact us via the website’s email: devonwitchcraft.org@gmail.com. 

We will then send you a questionnaire via email asking you about your motivation for seeking training and your particular interests in the craft. 

We will then invite you along to an informal meeting (curently via zoom) to see if we are the right fit for each other or, if not, we will try to direct you to a group which may better suit your interests. 

Regretfully we do not offer correspondence courses as we believe that Craft training is best delivered face to face. 

The training group meets (when there are no government restrictions in place)  in Seaton and West Bay. You may be expected to attend both venues.

We currently run an eight session course: Introduction to Witchcraft/Wicca which culminates in a ritual. At the end of this we will discuss with you the possibility of progressing to a one year pre-initiation course.

Contact us to apply for the next introductory zoom training course.

All our training runs on a Thursday evening with breaks during half terms, and the Easter and summer holidays.

The dates for the sessions are published before the training starts.

The evening starts when people arrive at 7.30pm and we finish at 10.30pm. 

The sessions can involve meditations, discussions, workshops, reporting back and practical magical workings and ritual.