Coronavirus and Witches

Many witches and covens have been performing banshing, protection and healing spells and work during the Coronavirus pandemic. Our coven has mainly focused on healing during this period – healing for individuals, their local community and the world.

Healing rituals take many forms. They can involve meditation, chanting, focused visualisations, and the use of magnifiers or anchors to help direct the energy (and focus the witches mind) such as candles, talismans, crystals, herbs, and sigils. Our group mind has greatly helped in our effectiveness.

Please note that I expect anyone reading this to have common sense. The use of magic does not replace the need for proper hygiene and medical treatment.

Here is a sigil that was created (by Laura Tempest Zacroff) called the Immunity Booster sigil. It was designed to help aid in the processes that contribute to sustainable good health.  Remember, magic is not an “out there” force, but the power to change that originates from within ourselves. Individually we can make a difference if we seek to change the situation, especially collectively. The design of a sigil is not random but each stroke of the pen represents a word, concept or letter which is thought to be highly signifcant to the outcome of (in this case) immune boosting.

Built Into This Sigil:
– protection
– responsible mindfulness
– community conscious
– promote cleanliness and good hygeine
– minimize transmission
– sustained good health
– enough resources for all (prevention and treatment)
– affordable access to those resources for everyone
– focus on lungs
– calm, let wisdom and common sense guide

There are many ways this sigil can be used. As it is quite simple in design, you could carve it into your soap and then wash your body with it, print it out and stick it onto your soap dispenser or specially prepared body oils, put it on your mirror (my favourite) so you subconsciously see it daily, place it in public places where the risk of contagion is high, carve it into a candle which you burn when you are meditating or asking for healing. Witches are creative – so how else could you use it? Have a think now and jot down your ideas in the comments.

Additionally, many people who follow a relgious or spiriutal path are asking their God or the One Power for help. Similarily, many covens are asking their Gods for guidance in these unsettled times.

During one Zoom ritual for “World Healing” run by The Temple of Hecate Inc., the ancient Greek goddess spoke through High Priestess Laurie Bizzarro’s lips: “Use this time in quarantine to dig deep within yourself! Wait for the spring, the eternal spring that will come!”

Our coven private rituals have been, at times, very thought provoking and challening and at other times positively impacftful, mindblowing and healing. As individuals we have all got involved in community projects to be of service, increased our healing work and continue in our on-going self development.

Stay safe, work your magic and always follow your highest ideal.


Welcome Witchcraft Seeker!

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On this blog we intend to post our musings and articles for discussion as well as some workshop material to support the training and rituals that we run. There may even be a video or two. We hope this will appeal to both new seekers/trainees and to coven members (who I shall be encouraging to contirbute). Obviously, oathbound material will not be shared publically.

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